Serving south-west Washington since 2015, Pawlak Consulting is the premier source for electronics repair and software development. From websites to custom made software we service all digital state machines with an attention to detail and eye for quality that sets us above the rest.

Starting as a smartphone repair company, Pawlak Consulting has branched out to working on complex computer networks, clustered databases and online eCommerce shops bustling with activity. From website face-lifts to API wrappers we do it all, we take pride in every project we undertake and ensure a level of quality that we would implement while working on our own systems. While we are most comfortable with esoteric configurations, we are also right at home with simple and straightforward projects. In a rapidly expanding and changing digital world, we take great strides to be IT cowboys and service any digital device, from building custom gaming computers to designing high-end enterprise servers, there are few things we won't take a look at.

Open Source First

At Pawlak Consulting, we believe that Free and Open Source Software is the way of the future. We do not adhere to arbitrary limitations that are considered standard for closed-source software. At Pawlak Consulting, we believe that a user should be able to do whatever they please with their software, we are ardent defenders of our customers digital freedoms and will refuse to limit or restrict access to our customers software in any form.